Sale of High Value Multiple Franchised Business

Our role

My client engaged my services to sell a media company. The transaction was unique in that it required customised terms and conditions allowing the former owner of the business to start a new business in the same industry targeting a different market.

The purchaser of the business was incredibly inflexible which impeded the speed of the transaction. Firm negotiations resulted in the purchaser conceding on several terms which were significant to my client and resulted in agreement on conditions that were acceptable to both parties, which included restrictions on the trade of the new business for a period of time.


We also advised on specifics around a customised commission structure for referrals between the two businesses which were mutually beneficial.

Knowing the areas to compromise in this transaction was key. Money is not always the number one objective and in this case the ability to start a new business with his brother was my clients’ ultimate outcome. Holding firm to ensure my clients’ best position in negotiations was also essential to being able to achieve a positive result.