Phil is an experienced Litigation Lawyer with a track record for winning cases and advocating strongly for his clients.

Phil Blaxell

Special Counsel

Phil is a Senior Lawyer with 20 years’ experience in Commercial Litigation and Advocacy. He has successfully appeared without Counsel in relation to appeals in the District and Local Courts and has a strong understanding of the rules of evidence.


The key to Phil’s success as an advocate, and ability to negotiate favourable outcomes for his clients, is his ability to ask the questions that enable him to fully understand the relevant legal issues and identify the evidence (or lack of it) required to win should the matter proceed to a final hearing.

Phil began his career in law working with the Australian Government Solicitor where he appeared regularly in the Local Court, Supreme Court and Federal Court and developed a passion for advocacy.

Before joining Roberts Legal in 2022, Phil managed a legal practice in the Blue Mountains region for 12 years where his practice areas included Commercial Litigation, Business & Company Law, Building & Construction Law, Work Health & Safety Law, Family Law, Criminal Law and Defamation.

Whilst operating from the Blue Mountains Phil developed a strong reputation and clientele, not only for his advocacy, but as a trusted advisor to SMEs in relation to a range of corporate and commercial legal matters, including contracts reviews, contract disputes, partnership disputes and general business litigation.

Phil’s broad range of experience in relation to advocacy and appellate work includes representing clients in relation to criminal appeals, WorkCover prosecutions, business prosecutions for regulatory offences, ICAC investigations, administrative appeals and appeals in relation to Judgments in the Defamation List of the District Court.

Before he was admitted as a legal practitioner Phil, worked for over 20 years with the Australian Customs Service. In 1997 he joined the Investigations Unit of Customs, investigating commercial fraud and criminal offences under the Customs Act and Commonwealth Crimes Act. In 2000 he was promoted to Chief Inspector Level of the Investigations Unit.

Who Phil works with

Phil works with business and corporate clients, government departments and individuals.


Phil is dedicated to understanding what outcomes his clients want and helping them understand what actions he can take on their behalf to achieve those outcomes.

He empowers his clients by working with them every step of the way to make sure they understand the choices they have and the implications of their decisions.


Phil was admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales in 2003 and the High Court of Australia in 2007.

He completed his legal training at Sydney University through the Legal Practitioners Admission Board Course and holds a Diploma of Laws and a Diploma in Fraud Investigation from Charles Sturt University.


Appeared as instructing Solicitor in the High Court in Parker v Comptroller-General of Customs [2009] HCA 7.

Appeared as instructing solicitor in the Court of Appeal in Mallegowda v Sood and Anor 2019 CA in an appeal against a judgment in the District Court.  Phil was successful in the appeal, and his client was awarded costs of the appeal.

Appeared as instructing Solicitor in Customs v Sylvester Stallone in the Local Court in 2007, a prosecution case relating to the illegal importation of 48 vials of a banned human growth hormone into Australia.

Phil was awarded a Comptroller Generals Citation in 1991 for his involvement in a number of large drug detections, then the highest award for service in Customs.


When he has the time, Phil enjoys sailing, travelling and skiing.

Phil played competitive cricket until 2020 and served as President of the Katoomba Cricket Club from 2017 to 2022. He enjoys watching cricket and football whenever the opportunity arises.


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Phil Blaxell

Special Counsel


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