Intellectual Property

Your business' Intellectual Property is probably worth more than you think. Find out how to protect your Intellectual Property and what to do if it is at risk.

Intellectual Property rights are often the major asset of a business, particularly when it comes time to sell.

Equally, depending on the form of IP, the failure to take appropriate steps for protection can have devastating consequences when IP rights are infringed.

Careful consideration and prompt action should, therefore, be taken to protect and enforce those Intellectual Property rights.

Being proactive and ensuring that available registrations or other means of IP protection are in place can make all the difference when a problem arises and will create capital value in your business.

Equally, prompt action in the face of an infringement or misappropriation of IP rights is crucial to mitigating damage.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Includes:

  • Trade Marks and brands,
  • Business Names and Domain names,
  • Trade secrets, client lists and other confidential information, and
  • Copyright, Designs and Patents.

Our Intellectual Property Services

Our Intellectual Property lawyers can assist you to identify, create, protect, manage and commercialise your Intellectual Property.

We can provide advice and assistance in relation to all aspects of your Intellectual Property rights including:

  • Providing advice generally in relation to Intellectual Property rights and infringement claims.
  • Recovery of damages for infringements of Intellectual Property rights and Court litigation.
  • Assessing, searching and making applications to register Trade Marks and Designs.
  • Preparation of Confidentiality Deeds to enable clients to pursue opportunities without risk of someone stealing their ideas.
  • Liaising with specialist Patent Attorneys in relation to assessment of inventions and application for registration as a Patent.
  • Structuring of Intellectual Property rights.
  • Licensing Agreements.
  • Assignments of Intellectual Property rights.
  • Franchising for new products, services and ideas.
  • Drafting effective Employment Contracts to protect intellectual property developed by employees.

Find out how to protect or enforce your Intellectual Property rights today.

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