Insolvency Litigation

Get timely expert advice about insolvency administration, claims and recoveries.

We regularly provide advice and act for insolvency practitioners to recover monies and assist with the liquidation of companies and the administration of bankrupt estates.

Insolvency Claims & Recoveries

We can assist with:

  • Actions and recoveries relating to uncommercial transactions, under market value transactions and transfers to defeat creditors,
  • Recovery of unfair preference payments,
  • Insolvent trading claims,
  • Recoveries of debts, loans (including shareholder and director loans) and other monies,
  • Enforcement of securities,
  • Orders for the appointment of a trustee for sale of co-owned property,
  • Assignment of choses in action, and
  • Transactions including sales of business and real property.

We understand that quick turn around on claims and the ability to make quality decisions are essential for insolvency practitioners to fulfill their statutory duties and commercially administer companies and bankrupt estates. Our Insolvency Litigation Lawyers service clients in Newcastle, Sydney and across NSW.

How We Help

Our Insolvency Team includes 3 Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation.

Our Commercial Litigation team is the most recognised team in NSW and has more Accredited Specialists in Commercial Litigation than 99% of all law firms in NSW.

Our team have extensive experience representing clients in a wide variety of insolvency claims and have an excellent reputation for obtaining successful and quick outcomes.

Our Insolvency Litigation Lawyers service clients in Newcastle, Sydney and across NSW.

Contingency Fee Agreements

We understand that funds aren’t always available for recovery actions and that often there is no prospect of paying a dividend to creditors unless a recovery can be achieved by a Lawyer acting on a contingent fee basis.

We regularly assist insolvency practitioners in these circumstances.

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