Business Succession Planning

If you co-own a business and don’t have an agreed and documented Business Succession Plan, speak to us today.

Business Succession Planning is essential for protecting your interest in a co-owned business and is an integral part of every business co-owner’s individual Estate Planning.

The Why

Problems associated with a business owner suffering an untimely death or injury, as well as disputes between co-owners, both of which often lead to the financial ruin of the business, can be managed or avoided by the implementation of appropriate Business Succession Planning Agreements and related insurances.

The avoidance of these problems will actually protect you and your family by ensuring you can buy a co-owner out of the business or get market value for your share of the business when you need to.

What do you currently value your business at?

What is Business Succession Planning?

“Business Succession Planning” involves:

  • Planning for the sale or purchase of a co-owners’ interest in a business in the event of their death, permanent disablement, serious illness/trauma or other circumstances and funding for that sale/purchase, (See Buy/Sell Option Agreements), and
  • Planning for the preservation and growth of co-owners’ equity in a business by the implementation of agreements between co-owners governing the management and decision making of the business and ability to dispose of an interest/share (See Shareholders’ Agreements).

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