Property Disputes & Litigation

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Our specialist Lawyers can quickly evaluate your situation and let you know where you stand. We assist property owners and tenants needing help with property disputes in Newcastle, Sydney and across NSW.


With most property disputes it is important to seek advice from an experienced Commercial Litigation Lawyer as soon as it appears likely that a dispute will arise. This can ensure that you do not do anything that might weaken or jeapordise your legal position and that we can take early steps to resolve the problem and avoid expensive litigation.

Types of Disputes

Our Lawyers have extensive experience representing clients in a wide variety of property disputes, including disputes in relation to:

  • Property Developments and Construction Contracts,
  • Commercial and Retail Leases,
  • Contracts for the Sale of Land,
  • Strata Schemes and Management,
  • Caveats and Securities over Land,
  • Easements, Rights of Carriageway and other interests in land, and
  • other property disagreements.

Our approach to providing practical and timely advice has helped Roberts Legal build a strong reputation in the property litigation arena.

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