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A note from our Managing Partner, Sam Roberts.

We recently undertook a review of our firm’s mission and vision and, in the process, looked deep into our psyche, history and culture to Start With Why we do what we do at all.  

After reflecting on cases and outcomes that we have been most proud of over the years, the why emerged. What also crystalised was our track record for tackling complex legal problems and delivering outcomes that changed our clients’ lives and businesses.

Incidentally, we discovered that 3 of our Principal Lawyers had studied 4 Unit Maths for their High School Certificates, which partly explains our knack for solving complex problems.

Why we do what we do?

We love solving complex legal problems for our clients. In fact…

We derive a sense of achievement and great satisfaction from
developing and executing astute legal strategies to achieve outcomes that 
change the lives and businesses of our clients.


We also believe that we can assist businesses most effectively by
helping them proactively address legal issues.

Because we are specialists in solving business legal problems, we have expert insights in relation to what businesses should do to avoid them.

We firmly believe that by helping SMEs think and act proactively in relation to legal issues they will be:

  • more successful and profitable;
  • more resilient and capable of dealing with problems when they are encountered;
  • better equipped to engage with and compete with big business, and
  • more capable of taking advantages of opportunities when they arise.

We get the same sense of achievement and satisfaction when a
proactive strategy or course of action we have recommended results in our client:

  • achieving a stated goal or objective,
  • successfully completing a strategic transaction or restructure,
  • avoiding a significant legal problem or dispute, or
  • having a superior legal position in relation to an event or dispute.

Whilst we specialise in Commercial Litigation, Building & Construction Law, Business & Company Law, Work Health & Safety, Employment Law and Corporate Insolvency, what we do for clients in these area can be succinctly stated as follows:

Solve Problems:  We find workable solutions to complex legal problems.

Timely Advice: We provide clear, accurate and timely legal advice so that clients can make the right decisions.

Planning & Strategy: We help businesses think and act proactively to maximise opportunities, strengthen their organisation’s foundations, execute strategic transactions and agreements and reduce legal risks.

How do we do it?

We serve our clients and turn complexity into clear legal solutions by:

  • Supporting our Solicitors to develop and maintain specialist skills and expertise in their niche practice areas so that they can effectively evaluate complex issues and develop astute legal solutions when needed.
  • Working collaboratively so that clients benefit from the collective expertise of each of our specialist lawyers.
  • Communicating in plain English and setting and delivering on crystal-clear expectations.
  • Providing clients with direct access to our specialist lawyers thereby empowering them to obtain timely expert advice and to make important decisions or react to situations quicker and with greater confidence.
  • Getting to know our clients’ businesses so that we are able to offer legal insights and develop proactive risk management strategies that act as foundations for executing enterprise growth or project success.
  • Delivering value through innovative legal solutions including; our Virtual In-House Counsel Solution, Standard Form Contracting Solution, SOPA Rights Assessment Service and Free Case Evaluation.
  • Recognising that there is always room to improve, acting on feedback and continuously improving.

Underlying our approach is a deliberate focus on maintaining a collaborative team of specialist lawyers who share common values and a common vision for our future.  

We are extremely proud of the loyalty our clients display and strongly believe that our reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the Australian legal marketplace is held in our clients’ hands. We will continue to strive to offer that powerful mix of expertise, understanding and tenacity to deliver the best outcomes to our clients.

If you require any further information about us, please contact us.

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