Letter to Existing Customers with New Terms & Conditions of Trade

Thank you for ordering a TradeSafe Contracts Package. We suggest that you use the following Letter Template to submit your new Credit Applications and disclose your new Terms & Conditions of Trade to your existing recurring Customers. Download our Guide to Making Effective Business Contracts: Incorporating Terms & Conditions of Trade


Dear NAME,

Please note that we have recently reviewed our Terms & Conditions of Trade. Our new Terms & Conditions of Trade will apply to all future Orders and Agreements with your business.

We enclose a copy of our Terms & Conditions of Trade for your attention. Please take the time to read them carefully.

We also enclose a Credit Application. Please complete, sign and return the Credit Application to confirm your receipt and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions of Trade. Your prompt return of the signed Credit Application is appreciated and will avoid delays associated with the completion of a Credit Application at the time of your next Order.

If your business has an existing Credit Account with us, please note that the enclosed Terms & Conditions of Trade will apply to all Orders submitted after the date of this letter.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.


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By Sam Roberts,
Managing Director, Accredited Specialist (Commercial Litigation)