Fast and easy property settlement

The client was a wife in need of assistance in sorting out a property settlement between herself and her husband. They had separated amicably enough but now things were getting tricky, as the husband had inherited money and spent the majority on “boy toys” but had also spent some of it on some minor improvements to the home.

The husband had told the wife that she shouldn’t get any money at all as he had made the home better using his inheritance and she had not contributed anything.

Within a month we were able to arrange for a mediation to occur between the parties and their legal representatives. Throughout the mediation we assisted our client with practical advice and encouragement.

At mediation a settlement was reached and the client was thrilled. She was able to start a new life and move forward. Within only 14 days from the date of mediation our client had received the settlement money.

Within six weeks of engaging me to act we were able to finalise the matter and have the money in our client’s bank account for her to start a new life. With our assistance our client was able to attend mediation within 4 weeks, negotiate a settlement she was happy with and have the money in her hands quickly.

Without the weight of the property matter on her shoulders, my client was able to move on, start a new relationship and has given birth to her first child.