Commercial & Retail Leases

Having the right Lease in place can make a big difference to the value and tenure of your business or property investment.

Our Commercial Lease Lawyers can provide assistance to negotiate or finalise a Lease or Agreement for Lease. Additionally, if you have a question about how a clause in an existing Retail or Commercial Lease applies, want to know if you can terminate a Lease or are in dispute under an existing Lease then we can help you.

Our experienced lawyers regularly assist Landlords and Tenants all over NSW. Extensive use of technology makes this a seamless process with a strong focus on communication at every step of the matter.

Our Leasing Services

Our experienced Property Lawyers can assist with all aspects of commercial and retail leasing including:

  • Drafting and reviewing Commercial and Retail Leases;
  • Drafting and reviewing Retail Lease Disclosure Statements;
  • Negotiating and providing advice in relation to Lease terms and Agreements for Lease;
  • Advice in relation to Lease disputes, terminating Leases and compliance with the Retail Leases Act;
  • Assignments and Surrenders of Lease; and
  • Recovery of unpaid rent and building maintenance disputes.

How We Help

We assist both Landlords and Tenants of commercial offices, industrial properties, shopping centres and retail shops.

As Commercial and Retail Leases are agreements that bind parties for usually 3-5 years it is important for both the Tenant and the Landlord to ensure that the Lease they enter into is appropriate for their individual circumstances.

When disputes arise they need to be resolved or addressed swiftly to reduce losses to Landlords and/or protect business value for Tenants.


It is essential that your Tenant signs an effective and enforceable Lease before taking possession of your property.

Additionally, the Lease should include adequate securities or guarantees, limitation and exclusion of liability clauses, indemnities and dispute resolution provisions to protect your investment and make the Lease attractive to future purchasers of the property.

Whilst good Leases add property value, bad Tenants need to be dealt with swiftly, particularly if the Lease gives inadequate security.  This will typically involve termination, taking possession and finding a new Tenant.

We help Landlords with all matters relating to commercial leasing for properties in Newcastle, Sydney and across NSW.


You should obtain legal advice before signing a Lease or taking possession of leased premises as some Leases contain particularly onerous provisions that could have a significant negative impact on your business at a later stage.

It is important that your lease also include appropriate options to renew and rent review provisions to maximise goodwill attached to the site for you and any future purchase of your business.

Our Commercial Lawyers are experienced in helping business owners negotiate favourable lease conditions for sites in Newcastle, Sydney and greater NSW.

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