Deadline to Amend Discretionary Trusts to Avoid Surcharge Duty and Tax

In 2019, the NSW Government proposed various changes to duty and land tax law in NSW which came into effect on 24 June 2020, known as The State Revenue Legislation Further Amendment Act 2020 (NSW) (“the Act”). The Act has significant implications for discretionary trusts, in particular, the proposed changes made it so trustees of … Read more

High Court Decides Historic Personal Leave Case by Clarifying the Accrual Procedure

In a defining industrial law matter, the High Court of Australia has quashed arguments that personal leave is calculated based upon the number of hours a worker does per day when accruing leave under the National Employment Standard & Fair Work Act 2009. The determination by the High Court is a significant and positive decision … Read more

Covid Update for Hospitality Venues

Make sure you collect accurate personal information of your customers and be careful how you use it A weekend crackdown by Health and Safety Inspectors across 410 licensed venues and hospitality premises in NSW has resulted in $50,000 worth of penalty infringement notices for breaches of COVID safety. Most of those breaches were due to … Read more

Does your Business fall within the Requirements of the Privacy Act?

Depending on your business’ annual turnover and how it deals with ‘personal information’, your business may be covered by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“the Act”) and need to also comply with the 13 Australian Privacy Principles. Whilst the requirement to have a Privacy Policy are not applied across the board, as business’ increasingly grow an online presence and gain access to personal information, it is risk adverse to … Read more

Liquor licensing – get it right early or prepare to play the long game

Whether you are setting up a new business in which you intend to serve liquor or you are purchasing an existing business with or without a licence, there are several factors that can be easily overlooked when it comes to liquor licensing. In NSW, most businesses require a liquor licence to sell or serve alcohol. … Read more

Changes to landholder duty on the transfer of shares

In NSW, you may be liable for ‘landholder duty’ when you acquire shares in a company or units in a trust that owns land (“a landholder”) with a threshold value of $2 million or more. The liability arises when you acquire a significant interest in a landholder (entitling you to 50% or more of the … Read more

Downer Mining

Jeremy Kennedy acted on behalf of Downer Mining in 35 unfair dismissal applications commenced by the CFMEU on behalf of mining workers terminated from Boggabri Mine due to loss of mining contract and downsizing of workforce. Jeremy negotiated a successful outcome including the redeployment of the majority of the workforce to other Downer Mining sites. … Read more

Downer Mining (Boggabri Mine)

Jeremy Kennedy acted on behalf of Downer Mining in relation to an industrial dispute arising from a proposed changes to shift/roster where industrial action was taken on the basis of a Work Health & Safety risk due to a high percentage of the work force being drive in drive out with long distances to travel … Read more

Downer Mining (Wambo Coal Mine)

Undertook a significant investigation into allegations of fraud involving mine resources for personal use by an employee in the construction of his own home where evidence of impropriety was forensically identified, and the employee terminated and with a police investigation being undertaken. Need Help? Call Jeremy Now, 1300 553 343 By Jeremy Kennedy,Special Counsel Get … Read more

International Gaming Technologies Australia Limited

Jeremy Kennedy acted in Federal Court proceedings commenced by an employee terminated for failing to attend a medical examination with respect to Work Health & Safety risks by the employer when the request was made as a lawful direction. The Court’s Judgment resulted in a precedent case for employers to have the power to make … Read more